by Kelley Vlahos

It ain’t easy being a libertarian anti-war activist. No one trusts your motives. On the left, the heart bleeds for humanity, while libertarians want to make sure no one drops blood on behalf of the state (one meme). One is selfless, while the other is selfish. Or so the metaphors go.

But for 20 years, while some anti-war movements on the left have waned and evaporated with the changing of the guard in the White House, the libertarians and self-described paleoconservatives at have endured and outlasted the suspicion and derision of the mainstream, not to mention the slings and arrows of the War Party.

They’ve outlived at least one war (Bosnia), are growing old with others (Afghanistan, Iraq), and meet each new one (Libya, Syria) with the same hard gaze and piercing reporting and commentary.

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