by Jason Ditz

A pair of ISIS motorcycle bombers detonated in the Shi’ite district of Sadr City in the capital city of Baghdad. The attack killed at least 70 people, and wounded another 100 in a crowded mobile phone market.

ISIS was quick to issue a statement confirming responsibility, saying they will continue to attack “rejectionist polytheists” wherever they can find them. This was the biggest ISIS attack in Iraq so far this year.

This was the second major ISIS attack in Baghdad in the past few days. On Thursday, a pair of ISIS suicide bombers attacked a Shi’ite mosque, killing at least 15 people and wounding 48 others. Those bombers were on foot.

Iraqi PM Hayder Abadi said he believes that the ISIS attacks are proof they are facing military defeats, and are desperately trying to target civilians after losing the initiative on the battlefield. This mirrors similar claims of “desperation” after previous bombings, though there has been little territory changing hands in recent weeks in Iraq.